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Cathie Aalders-Taylor is a self-taught travel photographer and surreal storyteller who lives in Calgary, Alberta.


Cathie’s photography captures actions and small details in the daily lives of people in the countries she visits. She also finds inspiration in commonplace objects, and the play of light and shadow across everyday scenes.

Cathie holds a diploma in Early Childhood Education in Melbourne, Australia, and continued her studies in Calgary, Alberta, where she earned a degree in Special Education and an ESL diploma.  After working with both children and adults in the education system in Alberta for many years she developed a project in Bolivia teaching English to tour guides and ESL methods to elementary school teachers.  

Her years of experience teaching children and adults in imaginative ways led to her interest in helping others to enjoy photography in a different way.  She now creates surreal images that tell amusing stories. 

Cathie’s photography has been exhibited in galleries in Calgary, Canada,Athens, Greece, Rome, Italy and Portland, Oregon. 

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